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Value-Added Data Storage & Management

Delphi Adds Value to Data Storage & Management

Delphi has often dealt with the challenge of adding value to the seemingly simple task of data storage. But, how does one do this?

We break the value addition challenge down into three areas:
– Data Warehouse issues
– Data Oversight
– Hosting solution development

In each of these areas Delphi focuses on providing a solution that meets it’s client’s needs.

Data Warehouse Solutions

  • Data warehouse design – Delphi’s value addition often begins with appropriate data warehouse design. Having a vision of the purpose of the warehouse leads to an understanding of which data elements need to be included. Warehoused data have dimensions that are not normally a part of transaction flow – plus the analysis tasks associated with a data warehouse have completely different access needs than the transactional access of operational data stores. Delphi understands the difference.
  • ETL (Extract Translate Load) processes – It is often at the earliest stages of the data-gathering process that critical design work is needed. The ETL process can either lift the warehouse to great success, or it can sink the warehouse with an unsuitable flow. Delphi puts emphasis on such critical elements of storage.
  • Analytical support – What good is a large store of data if there is not an adequate store of analytics? Delphi recognizes that data multiply faster than analysts – so staying ahead of the data flow can mean the difference between extraordinary data insight and being buried by a mountain of disorganized information. Delphi knows how to quickly prototype analytical processes, evaluate the resulting processed results and move to production in efficient, results oriented scrums. Delphi is great to have on your team.
  • Management and Data Management reporting – Of course, Delphi recognizes that senior executives and managers need effective management reporting. But so too, do data managers need effective monitoring of the ‘health’ of the data store. Delphi has excelled at building both management reporting processes and data management reporting processes.
  • ‘Edge’ analytics – When data flows grow quickly with more complex sensor and process monitoring devices, Delphi has seen the benefits of pushing analytics to the ‘edge’ – closer to the source of data origination. Rather than pipe unprocessed data to the central store, Delphi has excelled at pushing analytics closer to the edge so that data flows concentrate on anomaly detection and reporting, leaving the normal tedious data flows to be summarized by edge analysis reporting.

Data Oversight

Both at the ‘edge’ of data gathering and at the core of a data repository it is important to monitor the flows of data. Delphi has taken from it’s experience with statistical process control the important lessons of viewing data-gathering as a process.

Whether the data are gathered by complex systems of sensors, or are a result of human effort and processes, Delphi has seen that most business processes contain regular patterns of data. We have found that these regular patterns can be monitored to identify deviations in process – or problems with systems, equipment and even with management.

The oversight that Delphi can provide for complex data flows can be the early warning signals that attention is needed for key aspects of a business. Delphi can save countless problems with it’s early warnings through data oversight processes.

Hosting solution development

Delphi realizes that there are clear indicators of when a data-storage task needs to be converted into a cloud-based solution. The cloud is often the most sensible path to solving capacity, back-up, availability and security concerns.

Delphi provides services relating to:

  • Set up – We can help you establish a cloud-based solution for your data storage.
  • Management – Delphi can help you build the management tools and processes you need to maintain your cloud-based storage.
  • Monitoring – Delphi’s long experience with data oversight allows us to help you develop the appropriate monitoring process for your cloud-data needs.