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Data and Strategy

There is an equivalence at many levels between data and strategy. First, the complete absence of data (about competitors, opponents, about opportunities, about one’s own capabilities) absolutely implies a lack of coherent strategy and creates an inability to form any view other than random and blind flailing, which rarely comprises a coherent strategy. Thus, data and information, in general, form a prerequisite for any real strategy. Second, bad data and… Read More »Data and Strategy

Senior executives in the C-Suite know the benefits of trusted and experienced advisors that act as sounding boards and bring awareness of new and innovative solutions.

Strategic consulting allows Delphi to enhance the confidence of senior decision makers when faced with strategy issues, or are faced with developing a corporate process or data flow.

Delphi provides advice on capital markets financing, on short-term trade finance and on working capital alternatives. We excel at risk management and statistical process control. Delphi can help you tailor a strategy for your corporate machine-learning initiatives.

When you have technical or financial decisions to make, include Delphi on your team of advisors.

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