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Nyungwe Forest land use changes

Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest

The land use changes in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest have been minimal since 2017 according to Esri’s Sentinel-2 land use series of processed Landsat satellite images.

Data Organization and Enhancement

Delphi Analytics Rwanda recently received some data from an administrator of finance institutions in Rwanda (our ‘Client’). And, in order to add value to the data received, Delphi needed to make progress in two distinct areas that bear discussion, Data Organization and Data Enhancement. These areas of progress are very common in many data projects, so we decided that we would discuss these common challenges in this brief post. Our… Read More »Data Organization and Enhancement

Delphi Analytics Rwanda Ltd.

Data-based decision making with a unique East Africa focus.

We bring world-class analytics technology for the unique challenges of East Africa.
...and we know analytics!


Delphi Analytics Rwanda is interested in learning how we can best serve the needs of clients in Rwanda and in East Africa.  Historically, we began our expertise within the financial markets – but today, we have expanded to all types of big-data, complex analytics and data-oriented solutions for business.

Our Services

Delphi Analytics Rwanda Ltd is now serving East Africa clients from Rwanda.


Most frequent questions and answers

Delphi will work on an hourly basis, on a project basis (where we will bid an entire project for a fixed price), or even as some combination of the two…  Delphi wants to meet the needs of its customers, so it is not reluctant to creatively structure an engagement.

Delphi Analytics Rwanda primarily works on problems with data – and this includes data organization (things like database design) and moving data into the database – which often involves Extract, Translate and Load (ETL) problems.  Delphi also works on data enhancement – connecting external data to an existing data store.

And, of course, Delphi does analytics – big-data, medium-data, complex analytics, complex network (such as social graphs), financial modeling – just to name a few.

You can start by requesting further information with this form.

Cyusa Mucyowiraba Léandre is the managing director in Rwanda, please see more here.

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Delphi Analytics Rwanda Ltd is the newest Delphi platform. Created in July, 2020, this exciting venture involves incredible local talent focused on bringing solutions to African customers.

We believe that the cutting-edge tools for analytics and data management have great applicable value in developing markets. Data problems and the latest analytical techniques provide enormous opportunities that can help some markets leap-frog ahead in their solutions. Delphi is excited about the possibilities in East Africa and looks to the Rwanda team to make this market accessible.

We have already established an Africa-centric GIS (Geographic Information System) infrastructure to help us understand the geographic influence on customer behavior. Geographic data include population density and composition, access to transportation, rainfall and water resources. These data systems provide an exciting element of insight into this customer base.

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