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Our Delphi team serves global markets

Delphi Brief History

Our beginning…

Delphi was formed in 1992 in New York as International Structured Finance Corp. It was originally focused on all aspects of large financial transactions in the capital markets, and it successfully participated in the issuance of several billion dollars worth of securities in the global capital markets. But, as with all things, markets became more competitive and Delphi began to specialize.

Whereas a financial transaction normally requires five things: 1) legal work, 2) credit work, 3) operations development, 4) valuation systems, and 5) marketing – Delphi found that in the US markets, it was best able to specialize in items 2 and 4 – credit work and valuation systems. This led specialization in the US – but left Delphi able to effectively serve financial institutions in the global markets.

Craig Allen

Craig M Allen, PhD

Craig Allen began Delphi in New York in 1992 after leaving Bear Stearns & Co. and then taking Aegis public.

Cherry Allen-Driscoll

Cherry Allen-Driscoll

Co-owner Of Delphi Analytics, LLC

Cherry began her financial career as an early employee of Delphi in Europe – but cut her teeth in New York working for various credit rating agencies.

The Delphi companies have a long and extensive history in both the financial markets and in the highly technical data analytics space. For more information about what Delphi has accomplished, see our narrative history, here.

Delphi in East Africa – Rwanda

Delphi began moving towards frontier and developing markets nearly from its inception. But, in 2020, Delphi initiated it’s first East African office, in Kigali, Rwanda by forming Delphi Analytics Rwanda, Ltd. This new chapter of Delphi looks to apply the technology of financial markets and analytics in a new and challenging market – where the traditional rules about how things have been done in the past don’t count.

The entire Delphi team is excited to be in Rwanda.

Delphi Analytics Rwanda Ltd

A new chapter…

Delphi Analytics Rwanda Ltd was formed in 2020 to bring financial and analytics technology to the exciting and wide-open market of East Africa.

As Delphi expands in Rwanda and Africa, it intends to become a leader in the East African markets as it brings data analytics, storage technology and sophisticated modeling capabilities to new and developing markets.

Cyusa Mucyowiraba Léandre

Managing Director – Rwanda

Cyusa has been an incredible entrepreneur in Rwanda and is key to developing relationships with banks and major players throughout East Africa.

Cyusa Mucyowiraba Léandre is a Rwandan based entrepreneur with a wide range of businesses and experience in his portfolio. He is a CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution London) accredited commercial Mediator with twelve years of experience in business management, planning and coordination in the African business sector. His roles have involved extensive international experiences of selling equipment, training users (Uganda, Mali, Guinea, Brukinafasso, Senegal, Benin and South Africa) and working with ELW Global.

Cyusa has a great understanding of business having taken a leadership role in the Strategic Coach program for eight years. He is skilled in building unique processes that enable entrepreneurs to grow their business with confidence.

He is a founder of Cyuda Limited, an IT company providing solutions to offices, schools and health centers. Cyusa was also the managing Director and share holder of E_excellence Company Ltd. from 2008 up to July 2011.

Cyusa believes that developing businesses is a key piece to solving world poverty. Rwanda represents a country with an exciting entrepreneurial spirit on the verge of standing out as a key foundation for stability in the continent of Africa. Cyusa wants to be a part of such a vision.

In addition to his entrepreneurial business leadership, Cyusa also serves as the Country Representative of GRDP (Global Relief Development Partners). His main key roles include organizing the Bigger Future training events, a quarterly conference for networking, coaching, and building relationship Rwandan entrepreneurs in collaboration North American entrepreneurs.

Cyusa is married to Gisèle with three daughters Talia, Davina and Elsa. He lives in Kigali – Rwanda. He is well travelled, loves photography, music, adventure and is also multi-lingual; fluent in Kinyarwanda, French, English, Kirundi, and Swahili and he understands Luganda.

Mike B. Ndimurukundo


Mike is an important advisor and shareholder of Delphi Analytics Rwanda Ltd. Mike has demonstrated extensive technological leadership in helping to open the exciting new market of East Africa for Delphi.

Mike B. Ndimurukundo is a dynamic and accomplished technology manager highly regarded for 14 years of progressive experience in driving community growth while leveraging expertise across technology and business. He is a motivational, influential leader and collaborator who develops key programs and efficiently manages projects, ensuring top-tier results.

He is currently the Managing Director of Andela Rwanda where he leads a team that is identifying and training the next generation of technology leaders in Rwanda and across Africa. Prior to Andela, he worked as Program Manager at Tulane University leading in-country operations and IT Lead at different regional organizations. He holds a Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Oklahoma Christian University.

Mike is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, and how these can be leveraged to empower Africans.