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Data Organization and Enhancement

Delphi Analytics Rwanda recently received some data from an administrator of finance institutions in Rwanda (our ‘Client’). And, in order to add value to the data received, Delphi needed to make progress in two distinct areas that bear discussion, Data Organization and Data Enhancement. These areas of progress are very common in many data projects, so we decided that we would discuss these common challenges in this brief post. Our… Read More »Data Organization and Enhancement

Data and Strategy

There is an equivalence at many levels between data and strategy. First, the complete absence of data (about competitors, opponents, about opportunities, about one’s own capabilities) absolutely implies a lack of coherent strategy and creates an inability to form any view other than random and blind flailing, which rarely comprises a coherent strategy. Thus, data and information, in general, form a prerequisite for any real strategy. Second, bad data and… Read More »Data and Strategy


The creation and development of intellectual property is important to Delphi. A search of the publicly available patent filings under the name of Craig M Allen (Delphi’s founder) results in the following entries. Encrypted Blockchain Object Transfers Using Smart Contracts Publication number: 20200177579 Abstract: Encrypted blockchain object transfers using smart contracts are provided herein. The present disclosure includes mechanisms for generating compliance certificates and their combined use with smart contracts in order… Read More »Patents