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New Financial Products

Craig Allen and the Delphi team have been very fortunate to be able to create several new financial products to serve the needs of clients in the financial markets. This listing of products developed illustrates the breadth of instruments, techniques and markets that have been affected. Transaction basics The Delphi ‘process’ for developing and issuing new financial instruments relies upon the five fundamentals of building such a product: Legal –… Read More »New Financial Products

Delphi’s Financial Transactions

(~ $ 8 billion in securities issued) Delphi has been privileged to be a major participant in global financial transactions. Delphi’s unique capabilities initially arose from the structured finance experience of founder Craig Allen at Bear Stearns. As a result of those capabilities, Delphi was able to establish innovative, market-changing structures in several new markets. Among the innovative structures, Delphi created, as a principal, three main types of financing; 1)… Read More »Delphi’s Financial Transactions

Cornerstone Publication – MANN

On certain occasions, a single publication opens up an enormous field of engagement. Such was the case with the publication of the MANN model papers. The ‘Multidimensional Analysis of Nearest Neighbors’ was characterized as a novel way of aggregating cohorts of borrowers into neighborhoods – or into collections that shared similar attributes. The initial paper was published as: Allen, Craig M., “Credit scoring and risk-adjusted pricing: a review of techniques,”… Read More »Cornerstone Publication – MANN