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Publication List

Delphi and Craig Allen enjoy a history that includes several publications.  Many thanks to all of the collaborators and co-authors.

Science publications in academic journals and books

  • Allen, C.M., On the Exponent in the “Generalized” Matching Equation. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1981, 35, 125-127. (available here)

  • Killeen, P.R. & Allen, C.M., Maximization Theory – The “Package” will not serve as an Atom. The Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1981, vol 4. No 3 ,pp 397-398.

  • Allen, Craig M. Comment on Houston’s Arguments. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 1982, 38, 113-114. (available here)

  • Killeen, P.R., Hanson, S.J., & Allen, C.M. “Quantitative models of adjunctive behavior,” in Flory R. & Porter eds., Handbook of Adjunctive Behavior, , , 1982.

  • Gerken, G.M., Gunnarson, A.D. & Allen, C.M. Three Models of Temporal Summation Evaluated Using Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Subjects. Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, 1983, 26, 256-262.

Science & technology papers and conference proceedings

  • Allen, C. & Killeen, P. “Distribution Dependent Schedules of Reinforcement,” paper delivered at Conference of Rocky Mountain Psychology Association, April, 1981.

  • Allen, C.M. & Ahroon, W.A. Data Entry Displays, Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computers and Communications, 1983, , .

Non-Academic business related publications and book chapters

  • Allen, Craig M., Potential Income Consequences Created by Statement 91 of the FASB. Bear Stearns Mortgage Products Special Report, 1988.

  • Allen, Craig M. and Thomas, Annie, “Securitisation of assets: a corporate strategy and its implications” in Stone, C., Zissu, A & Lederman, J. eds., Asset Securitisation: Theory and Practice in Europe, Euromoney Books, London, 1991.

  • Allen, Craig M. and Thomas, Annie, “Optimal allocation of capital: a liquidity-based approach,” in Stone, C. & Zissu, A. eds. Global Risk Based Capital Regulations Volume II: Management and Funding Strategies, Irwin, New York, 1994.

  • Allen, Craig M., “Credit scoring and risk-adjusted pricing: a review of techniques,” in Fabozzi, F. ed., Subprime Consumer Lending, Frank J. Fabozzi and Associates, New York, 1999. (available here)

Refereed business publications

  • Burdick, K., Hsu, W. & Allen, C., Comparison of Factors Affecting First and Repeat Visitors to Hawaii from the United States Mainland. Research Journal of the ooi Academy, Transaction on Hospitality and Tourism, Spring 2005, 11-17.

Refereed business articles in-press

  • Богач, О., Рудаков, М., Аллен, К., Хэйнс, Б., Отношение Населения к Прямым Иностсанным Инвестициям в Экономике Переходного Периода: Дальний Восток России, in press.

Refereed business conference proceedings

  • Allen, C.M., Bangert, D.C., Gibson, G.V., Huff, L., & Robinson, R., Completing the Jig-Saw Puzzle: Today’s Entrepreneur and the Role of Facilitating Organizations. Proceedings of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, Kona, Hawaii, April 2006.

  • Allen, C.M., Bangert, D.C., Gibson, G.V., Huff., l., The Theory and Design Underlying a Course of Study on the Social Network of Hawaii’s Biotechnology Entrepreneurs, Third AGSE International Entrepreneurship RESEARCH Exchange, Auckland, New Zealand, February 2006.

Business conferences

  • Bogach, O., Rudakov, M., Haynes, B. & Allen, C., Proximity to MNCs and Public Perceptions of FDI in a Transition Economy: The Case of Eastern Russia. Proceedings of the Association for Global Business Conference, November 2005.

  • Allen, C.M., Bangert, D.C., Gibson, G.V., Huff, L., & Robinson, R., The affiliation network of individual angel investment decisions. Proceedings of the International Sunbelt Social Network Conferences, Vancouver, Canada, April 2006.

  • Allen, C.M., Bangert, D.C., Investing in a Network of Human Services Agencies, Proceedings of the International Workshop and Conference on Network Science, Bloomington, Indiana, May, 2006

  • Allen, C.M., Bangert, D.C., Gibson, G.V., Huff, L., & Robinson, R., Supporting our students after graduation, Proceedings of the 51st International Council for Small Business World Conference, Melbourne, Australia, June, 2006

  • Allen, Craig M, Market Acceptance of a Murabaha-Based Finance Structure within a Social Network of Non-Islamic Small and Medium Enterprise Owners in African Procurement, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering, Vol:12, No:2 2018 Conference ICIBFI 2018: International Conference on Islamic Banking, Finance and Investment, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Feb 12-13, 2018. (available here)

In preparation

  • Allen, Craig M, — New Book on Risk-Based Pricing —, in development now. (sample chapter available here)


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