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Delphi Analytics

Data-based decision making.

Are you a C-Level Executive that is faced with the challenges of big-data, complex analytics or working capital?

Delphi Analytics excels at problems relating to data of all types – and it helps businesses that face short-term operating capital challenges. We are experts with operating capital as it relates to trade, purchase orders, inventory finance and receivable management.

We have hourly consulting packages or implementation strategies available.

What Can We Do For You?

Delphi would like to contribute to the success of your business.  If you would like to speak with us about the challenges you face, or about how we might help solve some of your problems, we offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation – with no obligation.  Or, we can move right into a proposal for a solution.  Let us contribute to your success!

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about us.

Delphi Analytics is a business centered around data, around analytics and around value.  We are focused on problem solving for global customers with big-data and hard-to-manage  problems.  Although we began in the United States in the early 1990’s with an emphasis on the financial markets – we’ve now established a 25 year history in Europe and developing markets with both financial and trade-related solutions.  We have a new, important subsidiary Africa that permits us to harness data in more pristine and often untouched markets.

Delphi adds value and insight into customer portfolios with a firm reach into India, into the Middle and Near East and now into Africa.  We model customer acquisition and servicing costs, default and churn and we deliver actionable understanding with respect to your customers.

Some of the largest and most reputable businesses in the world have relied upon Delphi for reporting, analysis and deep-dive insight.  We’ve served global banks and hedge funds, major global manufacturers and both exporters and importers with many billions in annual sales.  We have begun to serve small- and medium-sized business and are excited to move into more frontier and developing markets.  Our passion is to develop data-centered programs that result in responsible risk-based decisions for strategic business management. 


Our Focus

Set Goals, Measure, Monitor, Inform -> Iterate.

Establish Goals

First, we identify all the key drivers that influence your customer journey, and define the significant variables that define customer lifetime value. 


Validate Data and Business Process

We study customer data sets, accounting records, and other information sources to understand the quality and reliability of the information. 


Predictive Modeling

We study drivers of key customer behaviors and develop predictive models to identify customer populations that are likely to behave similarly.  We are able to provide probabilities of default or churn to feed into financial models.


Analysis and Support

Outstanding data science,  one on one consultation, and repeatable dynamic data flows and reporting  keep the conversation going.  

We come to understand your requirements and provide quality work.
Craig Allen
Dr. Craig Allen

Founder & CEO

Cherry Allen-Driscoll
Cherry Allen-Driscoll

Founder and CFO

Emily Robinson

Lead Developer

Cyusa Léandre

Managing Director - Rwanda


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